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Alternate, Alvás Stúdió, Andrássy University Budapest, AVIA, Budapest Power Plant-EDF, Carglass, Chinoin-Sanofi-Synthelabo, Cocaine-DC Beverages, Denso, Dreher-SABMiller, Elopak, Fix Futár, Hardell-Protektorwerk, IT-Company, Koppányi, KÖVET-INEM, Language Experts Group, Magnet Bank, Mátratej, Mayer Toyota, Microsoft-TechNet Magazine, Mixtura, Moment Consulting, Montana, Magyar Tejgazdasági Kísérleti Intézet, Pharmacia, QLM Logistic Solutions, Olympos–Top Joy, Pneu Trade, Salinen Austria, Semmelrock, Totalgaz

about branding

Zoltan BALOGH portrait

There is no escape from the changes COVID-19 is causing in our lives. Therefore, it’s not a question that your brand must change. The question is: how?

Zoltan BALOGH | brand strategist

The life of a brand — When do you need a branding project?

Like all living things, brands go through lifecycles. Each stage in the lifecycle triggers a different kind of project:

Új márkák fejlesztése

Start up / Spin off

At the start of the lifecycle a new product, service or business starts from scratch or is spun off from something existing. In a full scale project we develop your brand to exceed its potential.

Bársonykalapács branding logo

Life is good: good growth, good profits, but could we do more?

The average brand is content coasting while things are good, but brand leaders never rest. We empower you to lead by enabling brand-led innovation and refreshing your brand identity.

A márka krízishelyzetben

Crisis: changes in market, new ambitions, problems.

For every organization, product or service moments of crisis and discontinuity arise. We guide you through difficult times with projects that rethink your brand much more fundamentally.

our services

Brand Architecture

Brand Audit

We explore, benchmark and analyze the brand's internal and external environment. At this stage we define the accurate goals of the project.

Brand Positioning

We define the positioning and differentiating values of the brand.

Brand Identity

We determine your brand idea and brand purpose. Based on those, brand personality values and brand insights are defined.

Brand structure

We define the roles of the brands within the organization.

Brand Design

Verbal Design

We create the naming structure, define the tone of voice, and develop the unique language of your brand.

Visual design

We design the logo, iconography, typography, colors, and patterns. We also define the general style of your brand’s visuals (illustrations, photography, etc.).

Interactive Design

We design navigation, behavioral icons, gestures, motion, animations, etc.

Sensoral Design

We design sonic & mnemonic, olfactory & taste, light & illumination, touch & texture, etc.

Brand Consultancy

Brand-led Innovation

We consult and support your innovation processes along the parameters of your brand.

Brand Guardianship

We consult and support your business decisions and communications to assure brand consistency.

Brand Guidelines & Toolkit

We develop your brand book, containing all necessary guides and rules, resulting in a well rounded and consistent appearance of your brand. We also prepare and maintain your brand’s toolkit.

Brand Localizations

We consult and manage any necessary modifications on your brand based on cultural or other differences of a new marketplace.

our works

Industry: food production, category: free-from segment
Target markets: UK and the CEE countries
Projects: full scale brand development and design + brand guardianship and governance of the launch campaign.
Marketing partner: Bodo Consulting Europe
Communication creative works & media buying: Friendly

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Civita branded products

7001 salt product line
Glück Auf package design
Salinen branding projects by Velvet Hamer Branding

Brands: 7001, Glück Auf, Martin Krpan, Sale Alpino, Solivary, ProKlar, Tablesol
Industry: salt products, categories: food & non-food FMCG products
Target markets: Austria, Italy and the CEE countries
Projects: Full scale brand development and design, re-branding
Partner in package design works: Márton SZŐTS

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QLM web site design
QLM bevezető kampány hirdetés
QLM Logimat stand design

Brand: QLM Logistics Solutions
Industry: logistics, category: full service warehouse logistics
Target markets: Germany and Hungary
Projects: full scale brand development and design, re-branding
Corporate ID design works: Márton SZŐTS
Video productions: Ákos MESTER
Partner in creative works: Bodo Consulting Europe

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Zoltan BALOGH portrait

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